LogicBeach.eth Album Puzzle 2021

What is LogicBeach.eth? WelL for one, it’s my ENS (Ethereum Address, show me some lOve, internet fren!), Second, it is my band name with a little “.eth” at the end, so I guess “.eth” is the album name? Sure, let’s call it that.

“.eth” is something completely new to enter the internet and music scene; it is an album that is also an Ethereum wallet. The first of it’s kind, after ₿ifurcations, LB’s preVious album. (Except that time it was a Bitcoin wallet, but who cares about BTC, that’s old news. ThE future is now, old man!)

What is an Ethereum wallet, you ask?

For the non crypto-nerds out there, it is a digital ‘account’ holding 1 ETH, worth around $2,500 at time of writing, but will gain value over time. (10k here we come!) Here is the account that You are trying to crack. The 12 words I have hidden in the album make up what is called a “Seed Phrase.” With this “Seed Phrase” you will be able tO restore the wallet and send the funds to your own Ethereum wallet, claiming them for your own. After that, I think you should invest them into something worthwhile, like Ripple (XRP)… jk buy RocketPool (RPL)! This IS investment advice, idgaf.

Now, on to the puzzle:

I (the royal ‘I’) have created 7 tracks of VaporGrunge okay-ness, 7 music videos to accompany them, and an albUm cover to give them all a face.

All of these elements are fair play.

You are looking for 12 words. The first person to find them and put them in the correct order wins the prize-ETH embedded within the album. The way I expect this to be done is by taking those 12 words and using them as the Seed Phrase in a wallet like MetaMask (easiest way, download MetaMask ← there). Learn How to restore a wallet from a seed phrase ←there.

After importing the correct seed into MetaMask you MUST send the ETH to your own Ethereum wallet to secure the ETH. Otherwise, someone else will solve the album after you and claim it’s contents for their own. What is this , communist Russia?! no… It’s America, a corporate oligarchy, and it’s just awful…

But seriously folks, this puzzle is not easy. However, it is solve-able, I tested it many times with my esteemed test subjects.

Your ears, while useful to the process, will not see you through this puzzle on their own. You’ll need eyes too, and a brain preferably, and patience. Use of a terminal is a must. I also recommend GIMP and Audacity, two awesome free programs that I used a lot when designing and testing the puzzle. Another useful resource is Y2MATE.com (use an adblocker) to download Youtube videos. You might also want some stegonagraphy tools.

A good place to start would probably be at the beginning.

Links to play:

While I would like to sell this album to pay my rent and feed my dog, I also want anyone and everyone to be able to take a stab at the puzzle. So, I am giving you the choice of whether to pay for it or steal it:)

Look how hungry, he’s eating leaves!

For the video, and just to listen: YT

The best and 1337est way to acquire the album/puzzle is to get it on the IPFS (cid: QmPuvB9kXsABm9Dr1zHG7XU2o9DZHio2GcogHwbrKicCEV, ) and send us ~0.005 ETH as a donation to logicbeach.eth. Remember to pin the file. (I use the IPFS-Desktop App, scroll down and select your OS). (You may have to append a “.zip” at the end of the file after downloading through IPFS)

You can also buy and download it from LogicBeach.BandCamp.com (**Make sure you get the .WAV file versions of the songs** Very important to the contest.).

Stealing, the coolest of all crimes.

Love you all, and good luck!!!


I signed this message with the contest wallet, so you can be sure:

{ “address”: “0xf8f991451b2ea188fd928ad8feb7de19c660cde9”, “msg”: “I, LogicBeach, am the owner of this very special wallet. Good Luck everyone!”, “sig”: “0x525601b004bae03cbbc125d60119928d7509cf5703b5012f9fc5183bdb76460d441cd136f299d2fecc55f10c73a32052629a0b52ccf99a1fa6850192628ad5341b”, “version”: “3”, “signer”: “MEW” }

Verify message here: https://www.myetherwallet.com/interface/verify-message

Magnet Links:

Medium wouldn’t allow me to actually make this hyperlinks, so just paste them into your torrent client.






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